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【JPN Relief-95】Thank you for supporting our Tohoku project

Habitat for Humanity Japan has completed its first major in-country operation, Rebuilding Japan program, as of end March 2015. Habitat for Humanity Japan is grateful for your support during the past 4 years.

On 11 March 2011 at 2:46pm, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck Tohoku region. The disaster generated huge tsunami and claimed thousands of lives. Houses collapsed and were washed away. Many people their lost families and friends, and homes to return to.


In response, Habitat for Humanity International began the emergency relief operation right after the disaster and launched the global fundraising campaign. Generous donation was received not only from Europe and North America but also from Asian countries, where Habitat Japan's volunteers have been working to help build homes. In Japan, members of HFH Japan's Campus Chapter spontaneously started fundraising on streets in various locations. "As members of Habitat Japan, what can we do for the sake of those affected?" They appealed for the needs of those affected with hand-made donation boxes in their hands. This activity was repeated many times throughout the country over he past 4 years.


Our first volunteers for the emergency relief were also from our Campus Chapters. The first team visited Rikuzentakata and Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture in April 2011. At the time, Self-Defense Forces and the police were conducting searches of missing people and nobody knew what exactly was taking place in the affected areas. Despite the difficulties, the CC volunteers worked to clear debris and mud from houses in badly affected areas of Tohoku, which opened up more volunteer opportunities there. Habitat Japan is grateful for thousands volunteers who traveled all the way to Tohoku to lend their helping hands.


-Debris and Mud Clearing
-Futon Sets Distribution to Temporary Shelters
-Winter Kits Distribution to those living in their damaged houses and moving to new places
-Home Repair

-Home Repair
-Housing Consultation
-Community Center Rehabilitation
-School Bus Stop Building
-Fishermen's Shed Building
-Gazebo Building
-Various Volunteer Works at temporary shelters

-Home Repair
-Housing Consultation
-Solar Panel Installation
-Various Volunteer Works at temporary shelters

-Home Repair
-Self Build
-Housing Consultation
-Advocacy for the families who were not affected by tsunami but by the great earthquake
-Community Revitalization by taking advantage of proceeds of solar power generation
-Various Volunteer works at temporary shelters

Since then, Habitat Japan has worked with many donors and volunteers who devoted themselves for the sake of others, as well as home partners who welcomed and accepted us. Habitat Japan is thankful to all of its donors and volunteers for their support to its operations for those affected families in need of decent housing.


While we cherish our relationship with our home partners and local partners in Tohoku we will continue to work in Japan and overseas with our partners, especially Campus Chapters, and supporters. We also look forward to new projects that are focused on disaster risk reduction to apply what we have learned from the Rebuilding Japan program to help other earthquake-prone countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Thank you, once again, for your valuable support.

We appreciate your partnership and renew our request for continuous support to our work as we enter a new stage of expand our housing support.

Habitat for Humanity Japan

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